Chief of Police Message

After many years of service and different roles within the Six Nations Police Service, I am truly honoured to have been appointed as Chief of Police.  I am humbled to now serve my community in this capacity.

As we are coming out of the COVID 19 pandemic, I would like to recognize our community and First Responders for their ongoing commitment to keeping everyone safe.  The last two years have been very different and affected everyone in our community in one way or another.  I hope that the Six Nations Police Service has learned and will continue to grow from the experience.

I look forward to bringing many enhancements to our service in the years to come, so we can continue to provide safe and effective policing. This includes ongoing work with drug enforcement and related criminal activity, as well as expanding mental health supports and ongoing supports for victims of violence. Upgrading technology and providing various forms of communication with the community is also a priority. Policing is ever-evolving and we must evolve with it to provide the best possible service to this community.

I look forward to our future here at the Six Nations Police Service.