Social Navigator


The Social Navigator

In her role as a Social Navigator, Erin assist’s the organization in fulfilling its mission of providing culturally sensitive policing services to the Six Nations Police Service (SNPS). She serves to address challenges in relation to lack of access/awareness of social services. Collaborating closely with service agencies and the Six Nation community, Erin connects individuals with appropriate community organizations, ultimately enhancing their health, safety, and quality of life. In partnership with the SNPS Community Services Officer and Mental Health Liaison.

Erin collaborates with the Drug Strategy and High-Risk Committees to maintain program statistics. Additionally, she is responsible for creating social media content for the SNPS, managing and organizing information obtained through technology, writing documents like the annual report and proposals, and contributing to the development of educational materials for crime prevention and community safety. Erin actively participates in the development of programs related to crime prevention and community safety. She helps handle interactions with the public, justice partners, and fellow staff members with tactfulness and diplomacy.