As the police service we are aware of Six Nations Councils efforts to exercise jurisdiction to develop a law, in this area, that promotes economic development while at the same time protecting the health and safety of our people.

Any cannabis regime, from cultivating to distributing to ultimately selling has to be strictly regulated.  While cannabis may be legal as of October 17th, we, as a community safety.  As the police service we will enforce regulations or laws that allow us to keep our children safe, keep our roadways safe, promote a healthy community and prevent organized crime elements from taking advantage of any inherent right to self government we exercise in this area.

It is encouraging to see Council taking the time to ensure they get the proposed Cannabis Control Law right.  For the community as a whole to enjoy any socio-economic development from this venture the proposed law must be enforceable from the police perspective.

As of October 17th we will be enforcing all Provincial and Federal Regulations pertaining to regulatory, licensing and compliance requirements, until such time that Six Nations Cannabis Control Law is enacted.

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