On Sunday, October 28, 2018, at 4:30 A.M., Six Nations Police received a report of a vehicle sitting at Chiefswood Road and Highway 54 occupied by a male sleeping in the drivers seat.

Officers found a Dodge Journey in the northbound lane at that location. The vehicle was running. The lone occupant was a male apparently asleep behind the wheel. Officers were unsuccessful in their attempts to wake the man up. Eventually officers smashed the drivers side window to gain entry to the vehicle and shut off the ignition. The driver woke up and was placed under arrest and taken for a breath test.

Zachary Strome (32 years) of Brantford faces charges of Impaired Driving and Driving with a Blood Alcohol Level Over.80 mg. Mr. Strome was released on a Promise To Appear, once sober. His court date is December 21, 2018.


Contact: Glenn M. Lickers

Chief of Police



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