SNP Organizational Chart 2022

Six Nations Police Constable Criteria & Hiring Process

From time to time, a position is posted for Six Nations Police Constables.  In order to apply, you must be at least 19 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.  Any previous policing-related experience is an asset as well as any related courses taken such as Law & Security.  Equal consideration is given regardless of gender and Six Nations band members are given preference.

You must provide all the following documentation in the application process:

-Completed application form

-Educational documents including a copy of a secondary diploma or a copy of a secondary school transcript or equivalency certificate

-Copies of diplomas, certificates for post-secondary courses, degrees, etc.

-Current resume

-Letter of reference from police officers (optional references)

-Police Information Check

-Initial Medical Examination Form & Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

-Pre-employment Investigation Consent

-Doctor’s Certificate as proof of good physical & mental health

All documentation must meet the criteria.  Information obtained on a Police Information Check may result in delay or denial to process an application (i.e. criminal charges, outstanding court or police actions).  Applicants then undergo a screening process.

There are a number of stages after suitable applications are screen and chosen.  All applications must pass a fitness test carried out by qualified accredited fitness instructor utilizing the Ontario Police Fitness Award Certification procedures. Those that pass the fitness test move on to the interview process in which they are brought before a committee and asked a series of questions. Applicants selected as a result of the interview stage then must pass a second medical examination. The results of the second physical assists in determining the overall successful candidate.

Six Nations Police Services sends the successful candidate to the Ontario Police College to receive training.  They must achieve certification to continue on as a Six Nations Police Service uniform member.  Constables are then placed on a probationary period and assigned a coach officer who provides on the job training for several months. After months of training, the Chief of Police makes the final determination as to whether the probationary Constable gains permanent employment based upon job performance and other factors.