Six Nations Police are reminding everyone in the Six Nations community that it is “Back to School” time for our children as they return to classes for the start of a new school year.

Six Nations Police Service will be conducting a “Back to School” Traffic Initiative for the month of September. Six Nations Police traffic units will be patrolling the community and conducting traffic enforcement, focussing attention on school zones, bus routes and areas of high pedestrian & student traffic.

Six Nations Police would like to remind all motorists to drive defensively and courteously, Obey posted speed limit signs in school zones, as well as in and around the community schools and village areas.

Watch carefully for enthusiastic children who may not be watching themselves.

Avoid speeding in residential neighbourhoods and obey the laws governing school buses.

Six Nations Police ask that everyone please conduct themselves accordingly to ensure the safety of everyone in the Community.

Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility.


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